Founded by Penelope Bisbee, The Jim Bob Art Park & Nature Trails is a very rural sculpture garden and wildlife habitat located on Bisbee family property in the "breaks" region of Knox County on the outskirts of Benjamin, Texas. Nature trails and wildlife habitat projects are in the beginning stages. There are three sculptures on the property and we have ongoing plans to acquire and exhibit more art throughout the park. The goals are to exhibit contemporary art in a rugged, challenging, and strikingly beautiful environment, to provide exhibition opportunities for artists, and to engage and educate through workshops, classes, and lectures.

The park is named after Penelope Bisbee’s father who died in 2003. He grew up in Benjamin, Texas, went to college at the University of Texas in Austin, joined the military, and went to graduate school at Tulane University. He was a World War II veteran and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. His name was James Robert Bisbee. Most who knew James Robert Bisbee, knew him as Jim or James, but in Benjamin, he was Jim Bob. In the decision to name the park after Lt. Col Bisbee, it seemed fitting to use his Benjamin nickname.